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Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) / İstanbul 

I was among designers invited by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV)

to create an exclusive collection expressing the theme of its 40th anniversary celebration.

So began the story of the  ‘Contact’ necklace, earring and brooch collection.

A small note for you who aren't familiar with this foundation (IKSV), it regularly organizes  the Istanbul Festival of Music, Film, Jazz and Theatre.

Here is my statement for this collection; I was searching for an icon that would represent the role of communication in globalization of culture. The image of the hard-working microphone kept presenting itself to me. We are indebted to the microphone for being able to vocally communicate to the many or to those who are far, whether by phone or by personal computers, or through films or from the stage.

When I began to look more carefully at microphones, the diamond-shaped rectangles that constitute their surface began to abstract itself. I designed my work  naming them 'Contact’ by repeating that form in various compositions.

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