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Oltu Stone Project 
Erzurum, 2004 

İstanbul Bilgi University  
Leyla Tara
Graduation Project

Design Culture and Management Graduation Project For Erzurum Oltu Stone

Oltu stone, commonly used in ornaments and jewels, has been facing extinction due to unresolved problems which led to job losses for many people involved with the  Oltu stone business. 

This project aimed to revitalize jewellery and ornamets made of the Oltu stone 

 for commercial, social, and cultural development.

Leyla Taranto, a Bilgi University student (2003)  prepared a feasible project. 

The  project was made possible with the support of UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and  Atatürk University – Erzurum Entrepreneurship Support Project.

In parallel with the project Leyla also designed a jewellery collection called 'Oltu'  

oltu broş-1-2-toz design-post.jpg
oltu küpe-2-1-toz design-post.jpg
oltu yüzük-4-1-toz design-post.jpg
oltu kol düğmesi-2-1-toz design-post.jpg
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