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Silhouettes: Capturing the Shadows
Soda Gallery / Istanbul

The magic of silhouette portraiture occurs when the shadow of a facial profile is cast upon a background by means of a simple light source, such as a candle.  Originating in ancient times, the practice of silhouette drawing has been a timeless form of capturing the subtle lines of likeness rendered and framed. Following the invent of the camera, the art became largely obsolete, leaving relics of the time-honored art to be passed down from generation to generation.

With the 'Silhouettes : Capturing the Shadows' collection I tired to add a modern twist to this enduring art by combining industrial metalworking technology with traditional, centuries-old enamelling techniques and black packing foam, completed with handmade finishes.

My inspiration came from childhood memories of candlelight hand shadows and I also always liked silhouettes drawings.

By this collection I wanted to give wearers a piece of modern, wearable jewellery art with a nod to the past.

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