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Online Exhibition


Turkish contemporary jewelry collective  Jewelry Links will launch its first online exhibition to accommodate restrictions created by the Covid-19 pandemic.


For the exhibition named "Nefes/Breath", each of the collective's 15 members will present a piece of work expressing one of the many meanings of breath and breathing.   

Here is my statement for the brooch I designed for this exhibition : With this piece, I diverge from the opaque look of other pieces in my 'remains' collection, made from wood-frame scraps. Here I break the continuity of the surface by hollowing out some breathing room, providing a window to what the wearer has beneath the brooch.


The exhibition will be available for viewing via the Jewelry Links' instagram account (jewelry_links) during December 15-31, 2020. 

geride-kalanlar-broş-58-5-toz-design-galeri-santim kopya.jpg
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