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bandaj broş-toz design-8-1.jpg

Covid Term - Bandage Project


During the self-isolation, due to Covid-19,

I experimented with objects I find around the house,

such as these medical bandages, playing with colour, texture and shape. 

Meanwhile with the help of the foldable tiny white photo shooting box I bought at that time, I took photos of these pieces of bandages and shared some of them on social media, thus somehow maintaining my connection with the outside world.

bandaj broş-toz design-1-1.jpg
bandaj broş-toz design-4-1.jpg
bandaj broş-toz design-6-1.jpg
bandaj broş-toz design-2-1.jpg
IMG_5506 copy.JPG
IMG_4848 copy.JPG
bandaj broş-toz design-5-1.jpg
bandaj broş-toz design-9-1.jpg
bandaj broş-toz design-10-1.jpg
bandaj broş-toz design-7-1.jpg
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